Continuing Education

The JCM is developing articles that will be accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners for GP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

Pharmacists, however, can already get even more from the JCM — points to go towards their continuing professional development programs.

The Journal carries articles that are ACPP-approved for Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) points for pharmacists who are members of the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice and Management or who subscribe to the CPE self-assessment program.

Click on the links below to download the CPE evaluation forms for the following JCM articles:

Vol 2.2 Milk thistle
Vol 2.3 Echinacea
Vol 2.4 Guarana   Drug–liquorice interactions
Vol 2.5 Saw Palmetto
Vol 2.5 Ginseng-drug interactions
Vol 2.6 Garlic-drug interactions
Vol 2.6 Valerian
Vol 3.1 Green Tea
Vol 3.1 Milk Thistle Interactions
Vol 3.2 Black Cohosh
Vol 3.3 Feverfew
Vol 3.4 Garlic
Vol 3.5 Brahmi
Vol 3.6 Andrographis
Volume 4.1 did not feature CPE questions for the Aloe vera monograph. Answers to the CPE questions for the Andrographis monograph in Vol 3.6 are: 1. a, b, d 2. c, d 3. b 4. a, b, c, d 5. a, b

Vol 4.2 Psyllium
Vol 4.3 Olive-leaf extract
Vol 4.4 Hawthorn
Vol 4.4 Herbs used in menopause
Vol 4.5 Fenugreek
Volume 4.5 did not feature CPE answers for the Menopause herb interactions monograph in Vol 4.4. These are: 1. a, b, c 2. b, c, d 3. a, b, c 4. c, d 5. b

Vol 4.6 Calendula
Vol 5.1 Slippery elm
Vol 5.2 Grape-seed extract
Vol 5.3 Globe artichoke

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